Chevrolet TrailBlazer Rollovers

The Chevrolet TrailBlazer was first sold in 1999, promoted as an upscale version of the popular Chevrolet Blazer. Just three years later in 2002 – and until it was discontinued in 2009 – the TrailBlazer went into production as an entirely separate model from the Blazer. In 2012, however, Chevrolet resurrected the model and released a second generation TrailBlazer that has been quite successful and is still in production today.

chevy trailblazer rolloverUnfortunately, like many other large SUVs, the Chevy TrailBlazer poses an increased risk of rolling over in an accident due to the vehicle’s high center of gravity. While the TrailBlazer did have marked safety improvements over its predecessor – the Blazer – they were not enough to address some of the inherent rollover risks present in both the first generation and second generation TrailBlazers.

Chevrolet TrailBlazers and Airbag Defects

From its initial production until side curtain airbags finally became standard in 2008 and later TrailBlazer models, side airbags were just an optional feature, leaving vehicles equipped with only front airbags. Unfortunately, because of the mechanics of a rollover accident, many fully functioning front airbags fail to deploy in a rollover accident.

chevy trailblazer rolloverIn most rollover accidents, there is something that causes the vehicle to jerk sideways or off of the shoulder of the road. In these instances, the rim of the wheel digs into the ground, and the momentum of the accident itself forces the vehicle in the direction of the tip, causing it to subsequently roll over one or more times.

Although rollover accidents are devastating, the physics of the crash itself in many cases do not trigger a vehicle’s front airbag sensors, leaving occupants unprotected. Additionally, in some instances in which a vehicle’s airbags should have every reason to deploy, defects with the vehicle or specific airbag defects keep them from deploying. In some of the most horrific accidents, airbag defects are coupled with seat belt defects, resulting in the ejection of one or more vehicle occupants with no additional protection.

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