Chevy Tahoe Rollovers

rollover1The Chevy Tahoe is a full-size SUV produced by General Motors. Before 1995, this vehicle was sold as a full-size version of the Chevy Blazer, but in 1995, Chevrolet changed the name of the S-10 Blazer, a mid-size SUV, to simply the Blazer, and changed the name of the full-size model to the Tahoe.

Unfortunately, like other SUVs and trucks, the higher center of gravity of the Chevy Tahoe increases the likelihood that a rollover accident could occur. The instability created by a narrow track with a shorter wheel base present in SUVs like the Tahoe can exacerbate the effects of dangerous roadway events, such as swerving to avoid a sudden hazard or experiencing a tire blow out, resulting in the vehicle tipping and rolling over one or more times.

Dangers of Chevy Tahoe Rollover Accidents

The mechanics of a rollover accident are devastating, which is why these accidents so frequently result in serious injuries and fatalities of the motorists involved. When a vehicle rolls over, the momentum of the accident will throw vehicle occupants violently in the direction of the roll, and they may be thrown in all directions before the vehicle finally comes to rest.


The sad reality is that, even though modern vehicles are equipped with airbags and state of the art seat belts, these safety measures do not always offer sufficient protection in the event of a rollover accident. Airbags are designed to deploy in the event of a collision, and as such, many airbags do not deploy in a rollover accident. Even if a collision does take place, some airbags are faulty and fail to inflate when motorists need them the most.

Additionally, the forces of a vehicle turning and flipping over are strong enough that they can force seat belts to open, resulting in passengers being thrown from their seats and against the doors, floor, and roof of the vehicles. Even if a seat belt stays “secured” in a rollover accident, the forces of these accidents are so intense that occupants can still suffer devastating injuries while remaining belted in their seats.

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