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SUVs, cars, vans and pickup trucks of all sizes are a constant presence on roadways across the U.S. Unfortunately, these vehicles are especially prone to devastating rollover accidents, frequently resulting in serious injuries, long-term disabilities, and even death. While any vehicle has the potential to roll over given the right circumstances, there are certain vehicles that are more likely to be involved in these serious accidents.

When a rollover occurs many systems can fail independently or together resulting in catastrophic injuries and deaths. Some of the most obvious auto defects in a rollover deal with:

  • Defective and Weak Roofs that Collapse in a Rollover
  • Tire Tread Failures in which the Tire Failure Causes Loss of Control
  • Door Latch or Lock Failure During a Rollover
  • Seatbelt Retractor and Buckle Defects
  • Airbag Deployment Failures
  • Steering Column Defects
  • Seat Back Failures and Defects
  • Side Impact Collision – Lack of Protection
  • Fuel Fed Fires after the Crash or Rollover

The list of rollover vehicles below contain helpful information about rollover accidents themselves as well as some of the vehicles most frequently involved in rollover accidents. If you or someone you love has been involved in a rollover accident, please call the experienced and understanding team of rollover accident lawyers at the Willis Law Firm today by calling 1-800-883-9858

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