• Ford Explorer Rollover – Driver suffered serious injuries and passenger was fatally injured when the vehicle’s Firestone tire de-treaded causing the driver to lose control and suddenly rollover.
  • Geo Tracker SUV Accident – Driver suffered severe spinal injuries and paralysis when her seat back collapsed on impact in a collision.
  • Ford Explorer Rollover – Vehicle rolled over when the left rear tire blew out, fatally wounding one passenger and seriously injuring the remaining three.
  • Chevrolet S10 Pickup Truck Rollover – A five year old boy was thrown from the truck when the vehicle rolled several times, causing permanent long-term brain and nervous system damage.
  • Mazda SUV Roof Crush- Driver suffered catastrophic spinal compression and fractures from severe roof pillar collapse when her pickup truck rolled down a creek bank.
  • Jeep Wrangler Rollover – Driver sustained serious spinal cord injuries and trauma brain damage as a result of dodging a dog and losing control of her vehicle.
  • Nissan Pickup Rollover – Passenger rendered a quadriplegic when he was ejected during a rollover resulting from several deer running across a gravel road.
  • Ford Explorer Rollover – Front seat passenger sustained spinal cord injuries from a severe roof crush resulting from a rollover after driver encountered black ice.
  • Toyota Pickup Rollover – Truck rolled during icy conditions at low speed resulting a roof crush and spinal cord injuries to passenger.
  • Ford Bronco II rolled over when driver attempted to avoid a deer at highway speeds. Roof crush caused serious head injuries and serious facial scarring.
  • Ford Pickup Truck Rollover – Ford truck rolled after being broad sided by 18 wheeler resulting in severe roof crush and the traumatic asphyxiation of the driver.
  • Ford SUV Rollover – Driver lost control of her vehicle resulting in severe roof collapse and the spinal cord damage and quadriplegia to the driver.
  • Toyota Passenger Car Accident – Back seat passenger rendered a quadriplegic when the lap only seat belt failed to restrain her upper torso causing her head and neck to impact the front seat.
  • Ford Pickup Truck Rollover – Driver left a quadriplegic after his truck hit ice resulting in severe roof pillar collapse and spinal cord injuries to driver.

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