Remote Start Death Lawsuit

New remote start also called and keyless ignition systems in cars are leading to Americans dying or being injured when engines remain running accidentally. Victims’ families can seek justice and payments for their losses via a remote start death lawsuit. Please notify us at the Willis Law Firm about your remote start system accident, and let us investigate the inn’s and out’s of a remote start lawsuit for you. You may be due payments for your medical costs, lost wages and pain and suffering and in cases of a remote start death, then  we would file a product liability lawsuit for wrongful death and seek all legal damages and remedies and possibly exemplary or punitive damages against the auto manufacturer for gross negligence in its design and refusal to call for a nationwide remote start recall.

How Does Remote Start Work?

As for how keyless or remote start works, it often involves a key “fob” which enables keyless entry to the vehicle, as well as keyless ignition of the engine. A fob also may provide an immobilizing system which prevent thieves from taking a vehicle.

remote startThe remote start fob is actually a radio transponder with a battery, antenna, circuit board and transmitter. Drivers approaching their vehicle can press the fob to gain keyless entry and are able to remotely start the vehicle. Once inside, when the vehicle is equipped with a remote start / keyless ignition system, the driver can start the car simply by  pushing a button, or turning a rotary switch, or flipping a “rocker” button, all without inserting a key. But the fob must be within the vehicle. The fob which operates remote start has a lower-powered antenna, so it won’t broadcast quite as far as the remote start function.

A huge problem is that the engine may continue running even after the driver exits the vehicle and removes the fob from it. Many vehicles today have nearly silent engines, and drivers may be unaware that the engine is still on. When this happens in a garage connected to one’s home, the engine’s carbon monoxide can travel to the occupants and silently kill them by carbon monoxide poisoning.

Fixing Remote Start Problems

One way to fix remote start / keyless entry system problems is to provide an automatic shutoff element, so that vehicles’ engines turn off automatically after a period of time when the car is left unattended.

Another option is to have noises — such as beeps or a honking horn — to alert a driver that the engine is still on as the driver exits the vehicle. Such alerts also can come via flashing lights on the dashboard. Automakers are experimenting with different solutions, and some are installing safety devices to help correct the carbon monoxide poisoning dangers. But so far, no remote start – keyless remote system recall has been issued, nor have automakers done much to warn consumers of the problem.

Remote Start Death Lawsuit

Victims or their families can seek payments — and justice — for their losses by means of a remote start injury or death lawsuit. The Willis Law Firm is ready to help you if you are legally entitled to such compensation. Notify us today for a free legal review of your remote start death or carbon monoxide poisoning case. We can advise you of your chances of prevailing with a remote start lawsuit or whether a remote start class action lawsuit claim is more appropriate. This legal advice comes at no obligation to you. Then you can choose if you want to proceed with a keyless ignition or remote start lawsuit. Contact us today for your free case review. You could be entitled to significant payments for your medical expenses, lost salary, pain, suffering and other losses due to a defective keyless ignition system.

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