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SUVs are some of the most popular vehicles in America today, and many drivers rely exclusively on SUVs and pickup trucks for all their transportation needs. Unfortunately, many are unaware that, contrary to popular belief, SUVs and trucks pose serious injury risks to drivers and passengers. This is because the design of most trucks and SUVs makes them far more prone to being involved in a rollover accident than most other automobiles.  This is especially the case of sudden tire failures and blowouts and being involved in side impacts at highway speeds.. As such tire manufacturers must make stronger tires that do not failure, or have blowouts and tread separation or de-treading events. A sudden tire blowout can cause the driver of a SUV or truck to lose control and rollover over. jeep grand cherokee rollover

The consequences that rollover accidents can have on the lives of injury victims, as well as their families, can be extremely difficult to recover from. In any serious wreck or rollover accident many other auto defects cause secondary injuries and even death. In an auto accident or rollover often the seatbelts do not properly restrain the head and body or the seatbelt buckle opens allowing the occupant to be ejected. Many other times the roof in the SUV or truck crushes down and collapsing causing serious spinal cord injuries and traumatic brain damage.

In a rollover accident or a side impact collision sometimes the space in the door frame gives and opens and allowing the door latch or door lock to open,  subjecting the occupants to ejections on the highway, into another oncoming car, or into a tree or on the pavement.  Airbag are another source for potential injuries and deaths. Many airbags are defective and don’t deployment or explode without warning injuring and killing the occupants from exploding metal pieces or shrapnel. Takata airbags are being recalled for such explosions and related airbag deaths.

Rollover victims may be entitled to receive compensation for their injuries or the loss of their loved ones. If you have been involved in an SUV rollover accident, the attorneys with the Willis Law Firm know just how much you may be struggling at this time, and we make every possible effort to get you the justice and compensation you need.

Rollover Vehicles

Numerous studies have confirmed that SUVs and Trucks are far more likely than many passenger automobiles to be involved in a rollover accident, with some studies suggesting that SUVs are as much as 75% more likely to experience this type of accident than traditional cars. This rollover problem is due in part to the higher center of gravity, narrow track width and short wheel base. Unfortunately, the underlying design of SUVs renders them inherently susceptible to this risk, including the following popular models:

  • Ford Escape
  • Chevrolet Tahoe
  • Chevy Trailblazer
  • Jeep Wrangler
  • Chevrolet Pickup Truck
  • Dodge Ram Trucks
  • GMC Suburban
  • Jeep Liberty
  • Ford F-150
  • Ford F250 Truck
  • Ford F350 Pickup Truck
  • Mitsubishi Montero
  • Nissan Pathfinder
  • Isuzu Rodeo
  • Ford Ranger
  • Ford Explorer
  • Jeep Cherokee and Grand Cherokee

For rollover accidents caused by these and other SUV models, our experienced legal team knows what it takes to provide effective legal representation in the pursuit of compensation.

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