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As is required by law, drivers buckle their seat belts as a safety measure in case they should be involved in a car accident. Although wearing a seat belt dramatically reduces the likelihood that a car’s occupants will be seriously injured in a car accident, seat belts are sometimes defective. Whether it is a defective lap belt, shoulder belt retractor defect or a seat belt buckle defect that allows the buckle to open during a accident or rollover, seat belt defects are prevalent in millions of vehicles on the roads. The seat belt defect lawyers at Willis Law Firm  know the devastation that may result from a seat belt defect and we are committed to holding any manufacturer or retailer financially responsible for such.

How a Seat Belt May Be Defective

When the very apparatus we trust to protect ourselves and the ones we love fails to do so during a car accident, a number of devastating injuries may result. The following seat belt defects may adversely affect the safety of a vehicle’s passengers:

  • Failure to lock upon impact
  • Unlatching upon impact
  • Opening during a rollover accident
  • Failure to adequately protect children

If you or a loved one has been injured as a result of a seat belt defect, we understand how troubled you likely are; we will aggressively pursue those responsible for your or your loved one’s injury.

Contact a Seat Belt Defect Lawyer

At the Willis Law Firm our team of seat belt defect lawyers understand how devastating a seat belt defect can be during a car accident and we will aggressively pursue your case from any responsible manufacturer or retailer in the civil court system. To discuss the particulars of your situation with one of our seat belt defect lawyers today, please call 1-800-883-9858

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