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Sadly, even the most careful drivers can become the victims of automotive defects, product defects and tire failures that result in rollover accidents and wrecks. Due to the careless actions of other drivers, car manufacturers, and municipal agencies in charge of maintaining roads, innocent people are all too often forced to endure the devastating injuries after a side impact, T-bone or rollover accident. Additionally, in many situations, the consequences of these accidents are exponentially increased due to defective vehiclerollover explorer safety features, which are supposed to offer crucial protection in accidents.  Many rollovers are initially caused by tire blowouts, tire de-treading separation which causes the driver to lose control and roll over.

When this occurs many other injuries may be caused or increased by door locks and latches failing to keep the door closed, airbags exploding, defective airbags not deploying or seatbelts failing to secure the occupants inside the vehicle. In addition to these potential auto defects, when a vehicle rolls over, the roof and roof pillars often collapse and crush the occupant causing head injuries, fuel fed fires,  spinal cord injuries, broken necks and death. Further even when some vehicles sit idle in a garage the vehicle, some can catch fire due to a defective parts, cruise control switch or cause carbon monoxide poisoning by a defective designed remote start or keyless ignition system.

It is an unfortunate reality that numerous rollover accidents occur daily in both highly saturated metro areas and remote rural roads due to the negligent actions of manufacturers, government agencies, and other motorists. At the Willis Law Firm our attorneys seek to help victims hold these parties responsible for the undue harm and losses they have caused. We are experienced in helping victims with cases relating to:

Injuries related to defective vehicle and rollovers can be extremely devastating, especially when expensive financial burdens are also placed on victims in the aftermath of a rollover accident. If  you or a family member were seriously injured in a rollover accident or any wreck or collision in which you believe a defective part, tire or component caused the accident or injuries then call and talk to a lawyer today. We may be able to get you compensation you deserve. Talking to an attorney about your case is free. If the case is accepted and a lawsuit is filed, the client only pays, if the case is won.


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