The BMW X5

Tall vehicles have a number of benefits; however, their increased ground clearance makes them more susceptible to rollover accidents. The BMW X5 is no exception to this rule despite its myriad of safety features. Although vehicle manufacturers are obligated by law to make sure their cars meet specific safety standards, cars can still be placed on the market with flaws that are not found or are overlooked during testing. The flaws that make it past testing can greatly increase an SUV’s chance of rolling over, causing damage to the vehicle as well as injury to you or your loved ones. Unfortunately, the BMW X5 could figure in a rollover accident due to its design and if it has any defects.

The Risks of the BMX X5

Many factors can result in a greater chance of a vehicle rollover. For instance, if your BMW X5 possesses any of the proceeding defects, the likelihood of a rollover is increased:

  • Brake problems: problems with the anti-lock braking system (ABS) can prevent the vehicle’s stability control from working properly
  • Tire problems: tires that wear out more quickly than usual can increase stopping distances under hard braking
  • Faulty design: design flaws can lead to the vehicle being naturally unstable in certain road conditions, especially if surface imperfections are present
  • Faulty construction: structural weaknesses in the body of the vehicle can make the frame unable to support the stresses of high speed turning

The preceding defects have resulted in a 17.4% risk of rollover for the BMW X5 according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

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