Range Rover Door Latch Recall

range rover door opened

On July 9, 2015 Jaguar Land Rover announced that it is recalling over 65,000 Land Rover SUVs due to for door that open while the Range Rover is moving due to faulty door latches. While the Range Rover is moving and especially while turning or cornering, the extra forces can pop open the door allowing occupants to fall out onto the street or highway. This is especially dangerous if the Range Rover door opens when an occupant is unbelted and could cause serious steering or handling if the driver’s door opened whether belted or not belted as they may lose their grip on the steering wheel and fall out or partially fall out rssulting in a accident or rollover.

Additional dangers of the defective Range Rover door lock or door latch can occur in a auto accident or roll over, when the integrity of the safety systems depend on doors staying shut and keeping the occupants inside the “safety” zone of the vehicle. According to NHTSA, the Range Rover door latch recall affects 65,352 Range Rover and Range Rover Sport SUVs manufactured between 2013-16 model years.

Range Rover Door Latch Defect

The problem with the recalled Range Rovers is that the doors that can remain unlatched with the door is in the “closed” position, without any warning or indication to the driver or occupants that a latch is not secure. The Rover door lock defect is a software glitch in the Range Rovers with the keyless entry software allowing to appear locked or false locked while in fact unlatched, ready to open without notice.

Range Rover Door Latch Lawsuit

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