Jeep Grand Cherokee Gas Tank Defect

There has been concern and outrage regarding a design flaw in 1993-2007 Jeep Grand Cherokees. The gas tank in these models is located behind the rear axle, only one foot from the rear bumper. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration data shows that over 55 people have died in fires from this defect. To address the problem, Chrysler issued a recall and offered to install trailer hitches in the affected vehicles to act as a buffer, but experts say that this may not be sufficient in more serious rear-end collisions.

This design flaw has caused devastating and horrific accidents. On top of the suffering victims and their loved ones already are subject to, there are often significant financial losses incurred from property damage and medical bills. The lawyers at the Willis Law Firm believe that you should not have to shoulder that burden. Our legal team will work to pursue justice from the negligent designers and carmakers who are responsible for your unnecessary and avoidable suffering.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Design Flaws

When rear-ended, the gas tank in affected models may leak fuel, which dramatically increases the risk of a fire or explosion. The main issues with the fuel tanks in affected model years are that they:

  • Are made of a low-quality plastic
  • Are placed behind the rear axle, which provides little protection
  • Are low hanging, making the tanks even more exposed

Chrysler’s refusal to properly and sufficiently take responsibility for this problem must be addressed. If you or a loved one has been injured because of this dangerous vehicle design, take legal action immediately.

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