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In any car wreck, rear end collision or rollover accident, one of the most significant and immediate risks faced by vehicle occupants is the possibility of a fuel fed fire. Fuel fed fires can occur for a number of different reasons in a vehicle accident, and they can quickly become life-threatening. fuel fedUnfortunately, they occur far too frequently in the case of vehicle rollovers. Some fuel fed fires are caused not by a car collision or wreck or rollover but from a leaking fuel line, carburetor or defective gas or fuel pump. When gas is leaked or spills on a hot engine or exhaust system, a fire is eminent. Other fuel fed fires may be caused by a defective RV tire having a blowout or tread separation and a piece of the tire tread  hits the RV propane line causing a massive RV fire.

Fuel fed fires can occur in a rollovers and accidents for a number of reasons, but in many cases, the design or construction of the vehicle’s fuel tank or its placement plays a role in allowing this type of dangerous event to occur. Therefore, it may be possible for individuals harmed in a fuel fed fire to pursue compensation from the maker of the vehicle in question. If you have been injured in a fuel fed fire following a rollover accident, the legal team at the Willis Law Firm understands just how badly you may be suffering as a result, and is dedicated to helping fuel fed fire and rollover victims fight for the compensation they need from the party responsible.

Factors Contributing to Fuel Fed Fires

A number of different common issues that can arise during a rollover accident may increase the likelihood of a fuel fed fire occurring. These include:

  • Punctured Fuel Tank
  • Thin gauge plastic or metal gas tank
  • Improper or unguarded location of fuel lines or fuel tank
  • Defective Fuel Pump
  • Defective Carburetor or Fuel Injectors
  • Fuel Tank Tears from adjacent brackets or bolts
  • Hydrostatic Burst
  • Defective Fuel Tank Attachments

Unfortunately, these factors arise all too frequently in rear-end accidents and rollover accidents, exposing vehicle occupants to the risk of fire-related injury in addition to the damages they may suffer in the rollover itself.

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