Ford F-150 Defects

Pickup trucks are indispensible vehicles for those of us who have a need to carry large amounts of cargo or tow boats or trailers. The downside with these vehicles, however, is their high vulnerability to rollover accidents. The Ford F-150, America’s best-selling pickup for over 35 years is no exception either, despite its advanced safety systems. And although car manufacturers are mandated by law to test their vehicles for certain safety standards, defects occasionally make it through the testing process that can greatly increase the likelihood of a rollover accident. F150 rollovers often result in roof collapse injuries including spinal cord injuries, closed head injuries, traumatic amputations and death.

Rollover Risks


Ford F150 Rollover and Defects

If you notice signs of any of the proceeding defects on your Ford F-150, it may be an indication of what caused your rollover:

  • Suspension troubles: aged suspension components like struts and springs can make the car handle unpredictably
  • Stability control problems
  • Airbag Deployment Failures
  • Poor design: design flaws can make the vehicle unstable at high speeds
  • Defective / Weak Roof Pillars
  • Door Locks that can open in a rollover accident
  • Weak construction: weaknesses in the body structure can cause the vehicle to give out during high-stress driving

Unfortunately, these and potentially other defects can all too easily cause a rollover accident or injure one after the accident.

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