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The Ford Explorer, one of the most popular and iconic Sport Utility Vehicles on the road, was Ford’s replacement to the Ford Bronco II. Production on the Ford Explorer started in 1990, but in 2002, Ford Motor Company made substantial changes to the design of this vehicle, as the early models of the Explorer and the Bronco II were both plagued by reports of accidents, rollovers, and fatalities.

Sadly, these changes came too late for many motorists who had already been involved in devastating¬†accidents due to inherent flaws and dangers resulting from the vehicle’s design. To make matters worse, there is some evidence to suggest that individuals within Ford Motor Company were advised about possible dangers and improvements that could be made to the Explorer prior to 2002, but failed to take action due to increased costs that a redesign would bring.

The Ford Explorer and the Ford Bronco II

COMBS cooper tireThe Ford Explorer replaced the Bronco II in Ford’s vehicle lineup. At this time, the Bronco II had a reputation for being one of the most dangerous and unstable vehicles on the road. In fact, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety labeled the vehicle as the most deadly vehicle on the road. The Ford Explorer was marketed as a safer version of this vehicle, but unfortunately, bore startling similarities in design and construction to the Bronco II.

Ford was aware of stability problems with both the Explorer and the Bronco II, but in stead of addressing the problem, which would have required widening the vehicle by two inches, Ford instead chose a cheaper alternative and made adjustments to the vehicle’s suspension and tire pressure.

Defective Tires and the Ford Explorer

In addition to some of the inherent dangers present in the design of the Ford Explorer, the dangers posed to motorists was increased substantially due to defective Firestone tires that were present on many of these vehicles. The defective tires would unexpectedly blow out and experience tread separation. However, in most vehicles, drivers who experienced such issues could simply pull their car over and change the tire. With the unstable overall design of the Ford Explorer, a tire blowout or tread separation could result in a complete loss of stability and control, resulting in a rollover accident. Ford initially blamed Firestone for the dangers, but after Firestone conducted their own investigation into the matter, it became evident that the unstable design of the Explorer was to blame for the shockingly high number of rollover accidents.

Contact a Ford Explorer Rollover Lawyer if You’ve Been Injured

Sadly, by the time Ford addressed some of the glaring concerns with the Explorer’s design, numerous people had already suffered devastating losses in accidents involving these vehicles. If you or someone you love has been injured or worse in a rollover accident involving a Ford Explorer, the experienced Ford Explorer rollover lawyers at the Willis Law Firm know that nothing can make up for the pain and suffering you’ve already endured, but we have significant experience helping victims of Ford Explorer rollover accidents take action against the parties responsible for their unnecessary suffering, and we want to help you. Call us today at 1-800-883-9858 to learn more.


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