Filing a Claim for a Defective Seat Belt

As an almost universal safety apparatus that all drivers and passengers are legally obligated to wear, most people trust that their seat belt will provide them with a critical level of protection should they be involved in a car accident. While seat belts save the lives of many people every year, some seat belts are defective and directly contribute to the severity of injuries sustained in a car accident. When a defective seat belt directly contributes to your injuries, negligent manufacturers may likely be held financially liable for any and all damages associated with those injures.

Commonly Experienced Seat Belt Defects

Should the unfortunate circumstances of an automobile accident arise, occupants depend upon their seat belt to mitigate any injury that might be sustained in an accident. In our experience, we have found the following seat belt defects to be most commonly responsible for serious injury:

  • Failure for locking apparatus to activate
  • The unlatching of the seat belt upon impact
  • Failure to provide adequate protection for children

The initial emotional and physical trauma sustained in an accident may be almost too much to bear; however, the financial impact of an accident will eventually need to be addressed. Our legal team can help you hold any negligent manufacturer financially liable for their defective seat belts.

Consult a Seat Belt Defect Attorney

At Auto Defects, our seat belt defect attorneys will aggressively pursue financial restitution from any manufacturer whose negligence contributed to your defective seat belt and subsequent injury. To discuss the particulars of your accident with one of our personal injury lawyers, call our offices at today.

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