Daihatsu Terios Rollover

The Daihatus Terios is a mini SUV that was first released in 1997. The car was first designed and sold in Japan to meet the standards of a kei car, a category of small Japanese cars. The small car allows drivers to avoid some of the tax requirements of full-size SUVs in Japan.

While the Terios sells well in Japan, it is less common on the roads here in the United States. One of the main reasons for the lack of buyers in the United States is the vehicle’s competition with the well-received Honda vehicles. In addition, the Daihatus Terios small size makes it more susceptible to rollover accidents.

Reasons for Daihatsu Terios Rollover

Those who drive a Daihatsu Terios are at risk for rollover accidents. If you have been injured in a rollover accident in a Daihatsu Terios, you may be eligible for compensation from the liable party. Some of the reasons for the increased risk of a rollover accident include:

  • Design flaws
  • Higher center of gravity
  • Lack of a stability system
  • Manufacturing error

If the design of your vehicle is inherently flawed and you are involved in a rollover accident, there are legal steps you can take against the liable car company.

Consult a Daihatsu Terios Rollover Lawyer

At Auto Defects, our lawyers understand how scary and overwhelming the aftermath of a rollover accident can be for those involved. We know that you may be facing significant medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages caused by your rollover accident. Our lawyers are experienced with rollover accident cases and are prepared to provide you with excellent representation. Call today to speak with a Daihatsu Terios rollover lawyer.

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