Chrysler Aspen Rollover

Production on the Aspen began in 2008; this is a hybrid model Chrysler was hoping to promote as environmentally friendly, while also affordable and safe. The same month that the Chrysler Aspen became available at dealerships was the same month that the car company announced that it was ending production, making it one of the shortest lived production times ever of any major auto manufacturer.

The Chrysler Aspen, like other SUVs, presents drivers and passengers with a higher risk for rollover. Rollovers are caused by instability in vehicles on the road. In this way, SUVs are less safe than small cars, which have a lower center of gravity. If you have been injured in an SUV rollover accident, you may be eligible for compensation from liable car companies.

Rollover Dangers of SUVs

The design of an SUV makes this type of vehicle more susceptible to rollovers than compact cars. Some of the aspects of the design that increase the chances of an SUV rollover include:

  • Higher center of gravity
  • Stability system failure
  • Tire problems

SUV drivers should not be left accountable for any medical expenses or property damage that may result from a rollover accident. Contact a rollover attorney to learn your chances of gaining the funds you need to recover from negligent manufacturers.

Call a Rollover Lawyer in Texas or New York

If you or a loved one has been injured in a rollover accident involving a Chrysler Aspen, you may be eligible for compensation. The experienced SUV rollover attorneys at the Auto Defects work for victims of accidents like these in New York and Texas. You can reach us at to discuss your legal options regarding your rollover.

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