Chevy Tahoe Rollover

The Chevy Tahoe is a staple of American roads. Unfortunately, like all other large SUVs, the Tahoe is especially susceptible to rollover accidents, putting families in danger of serious injuries or even death. The Chevy Tahoe, while seemingly safe, presents drivers and passengers with safety concerns because of its higher center of gravity.

According to the NHTSA, the Chevy Tahoe only has a rollover safety rating of three out of five stars. This lower safety rating is directly due to the increased risk of rollover of a Chevy Tahoe. However, as of yet no SUV has ever received a five star rating.

Reasons for Rollover Accidents

Rollover accidents involving SUVs like Tahoes occur for a number of different reasons including the following:

  • Higher center of gravity
  • Abrupt steering
  • Improperly loaded vehicle
  • Manufacturing defects / error
  • Tire blowout

All of these reasons can cause serious rollover accidents and traumatic injuries to those involved. Although SUVs have a higher rollover risk than other types of vehicles, there are still precautions that SUV drivers can take in order to prevent such incidents.

Consult a Chevy Rollover Accident Lawyer

Rollover accidents are among the worst car accidents to be involved in. At Auto Defects, our attorneys understand how frightening these accidents can be, especially when you find yourself trapped in your vehicle with multiple injuries. When accidents like these are caused by negligent parties like manufacturers or other drivers, you may be entitled to compensation. Please call today to discuss your situation with an experienced rollover accident lawyer.


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