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When exploring and enjoying nature, many individuals choose to purchase all-terrain vehicles or ATVs in order to maneuver over uneven terrain. Unfortunately, the family fun of driving an ATV can be short-lived when these vehicles suddenly malfunction and cause a rollover accident. The safety risks attached to ATVs are serious since the vehicles are most often driven on rough terrain, increasing the severity of possible injuries. Most ATVs do not come equipped with any type of rollbar or roll cage to prevent injuries from a ATV rollover.   All-terrain vehicle accidents are known to result in broken bones, spinal cord injuries, and even death. While user error accounts for many ATV accidents and rollovers, some ATV and side by sides are too unstable and dangerous. The most famous of the rollover prone ATVs was the Honda 3 wheeler. Soon after sales begin in the 1980’s, soon the rollovers, injuries and deaths started to mount and soon sales fell until other manufacturers began marketing 4-wheelers.

Causes of ATV Rollovers

There are a number of reasons why an ATV might rollover and cause injury. The most common design and manufacturing reasons ATVs are more susceptible to accidents include the following:

  • High center of gravity
  • Narrow track width
  • Sudden acceleration
  • Poor steering and handling

The ATV is also built so that the rear wheels travel at the same speed. This is ideal for maneuvering through mud or other rough terrain. However, this causes a problem when an ATV turns. Normal vehicles allow for the back wheels to move at different speeds since the wheel on the outside of the turning curve must travel farther than the wheel on the inside of the turning curve. Due to the design of the ATV, the outer wheel drags and may cause the vehicle to become unstable.

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